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Chicken Wings and Drumsticks

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About Me...

Hi! I’m Nancy, a Cameroonian-bred mom with a natural love for creating culinary experiences for my
friends and loved ones. I discovered my passion for cooking at the young age of 12 while growing up in
Arlington, Texas. As a child, I often found myself wanting to learn how to recreate American dishes that I
saw on television or heard my friends discussing during lunch break. This desire allowed me to spend
hours on end studying, trialing, and recreating recipes until I finally mastered each dish.
Upon relocating to Atlanta, GA, I was introduced to the culinary business when working as an
Operations Manager for a southern-based restaurant group. The fast-paced, family environment
allowed me to work closely with culinary experts, enhancing my knowledge of blending spices using
natural flavors, while learning the business and food safety requirements of the culinary industry. After
years of preparing tasty snacks and fresh meals for my friends and family, I made the bold leap to
extend my culinary servitude to the rest of the world. In February 2021, in the midst of a worldwide
pandemic, I launched my personal chef business which has since grown to include catering services,
meal-prep consultations, cooking classes, and products geared towards satisfying tastebuds, without
sacrificing hours on end, sweating over a hot stove.

What you will find on my site… 
- Collections of flavored Soul Food Recipes created with simple, everyday ingredients that you can easily find in your pantry or at your local market. Select any dish when you can’t think of what to prepare for you and your family.
- Delicious West-African-infused recipes that serve a special dose of uniqueness to your dinner table.
- List of services that are specially customized to serve your unique needs.
- Tangible goods, prepared, packaged, and shipped with love, guaranteed to serve your tastebuds.

Keep up with me on Facebook and Instagram @neattascusine to ensure you never miss a new recipe or
product release.

About Us

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"Literally everything on the menu is out of this world!  The food is hearty and oh so tasty, so it just keeps me wanting more and more."


Our Guides



Cameroonian Jollof Rice

Savory, tasty rice dish that is full of natural herbs and spices.  This is a popular West African dish that is commonly eaten as a meal or served sweet plantains or your favorite protein.


Sweet N Heat BBQ Ribs

Using Neatta's very own sauce, this sweet and spicy recipe is guaranteed to leave you salivating, long after the bone is cleaned off. 

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Cheesiest Mac & Cheese

If robust, fresh, flavor is what your into, then this creamy mac & cheese recipe will knock you off your feet.  


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Duluth, Georgia

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